Cable grips for underground cabling
Katimex® offers a broad range of cable grips for underground cabling, including steel, stainless steel and plastic eg. synthetic versions with different eye and thimble arrangements.
Steel cable stocking: The mesh is constructed from highly flexible 19-strand double steel cord. High tensions can therefore be transferred safely while maintaining the high flexibility of the grip.
Stainless steel cable stocking: All cable grips can be manufactured in stainless steel for special special applications.

The standard cable grip with one eye is simply pushed over the end of the cable whereas the cable grips with two eyes or an offside eye have an open front and can be pushed further over the cable. Suitable to pull a cable further than the possible position of the pulling winch.
Special models, so called split cable grips are also available which can be laid round the cable at any point to aid pulling. Also referred as laced cable grips.

The multiple cable grip combines three cable grips with one common eye. Three power supply cables can thus be laid at once. The effort required for cable laying is minimized with this multiple cable grip.

The NEW type of cable grips with integrated stainless steel, twist retaining plate bearings are three-step graduated.

The NEW Dual-Wire cable grip is designed for extremely high pulling forces.

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