Cable grips - manufactured by Katimex
Cable grips are made in high tensile galvanised and stainless steel wire rope or Kevlar.
The demand for cable stockings has never been higher before. Katimex® offers a broad range of more than 3.000 different types which are all hand made. Cable grips are used in nearly every situation where cables have to be pulled, attached or secured. Different materials will match every possible situation. They are manufactured in galvanised steel, stainless steel and plastic or synthetic with Kevlar, with different eye arrangements.

At least they are splitted into 4 categories:
- cable pulling grips
- cable support grips
- overhead line grips
- hydraulic hose securing grips

The standard cable grip with one eye is suitable for cables with a diameter of 10-180 mm. The grip encloses the cable tightly along the whole length of the mesh. The pressed ferrules which are chamfered in the direction of tension and the back woven ends are a significant safety provision.

The multiple cable grip combines three cable grips with one common eye. Three power supply cables can thus be laid at once. The effort required for cable laying is minimised with this multiple cable grip.

Product advantages on the view:
• All cable stockings are available in galvanized, stainless steel or in synthethic with kevlar.
• All cable stockings are hand made, ensures 100% Quality control.
• Katimex® as the manufacturer ensures highest quality.
• Worldwide support and sales of more than 3.000 different types.

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