Cable grips for domestic installation
This series of cable grips and cable stockings is specially developed for laying cables to be used in domestic installation.
Using cable grips in indoor installation makes it easier to pull power and telecommunications cables as well as several single wires at once.
They are particularly flexible and can also be used in ducts with small diameters.
Models for cable diameters from 4 to 15 mm have an integral swivel. This prevents the cable grip from coming unscrewed from the pulling rod should there be any torsion in the cable when it is being pulled through.

Cable grips for cables with diameters greater than 15 mm have a loop with an integral pulling eye and can therefore either be coupled to the pulling rod with the M5 screw connection or with another attachment.

Product advantages:
• Optimized for usage with the Kati® Blitz and Kabelmax (Cablemax).
• Al grips are hand made with 100% quality control.
• Worldwide sales of more than 3.000 different typs of cable stockings

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