Cable grips for overhead cabling
Highest safety requirements are particularly important in overhead cabling. Due to their special construction, the cable grips for overhead cables from Katimex represent the optimum solution for this application.
The observance of all parameters important for safety has been confirmed in extensive tests in a recognised test centre.
The three-step graduation of the mesh guarantees an optimised gripping action over the entire working length. All overhead cable grips are constructed from 19 wire strands. Aluminium bushes protect the cable grip from damage from the sharp-edged ends of the overhead cable.
The Katimex® overhead cable grip with an integral eye is particularly elastic and yet still suitable for transfer of very high pulling forces. Its flexibility means it can run easily with the capstan system of the overhead cable winch. With its enormous performance, it is also suitable for Aldrey cables.

The large distance between pylons and the large wind loads encountered in overhead cabling make great demands on the materials used. A safety factor of three is standard for overhead cable grips from Katimex®.

In the Katimex® range there are cable grips available for all diameters of common overhead cables.

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