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Repair Instructions
Repair Instruction for Polykat® Fiberglass Pulling Systems:
Repair Instruction for Polykat® Locating Systems:

Pulling Systems:
Polykat® - The high performance fibreglass profile, only with KATIMEX®
Easy Grip
Kati® Blitz compact 2.0 - The original, only better!
Kati® Blitz compact - The cable pulling device for domestic installations, with fibre glass
Kati® Twist - Rotate smoothly through tubes and conduits!
Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0 - The next generation of pulling systems with locating capacity
Cablemax - The cable pulling system for underfloor installations and industrial buildings
Mini-Max - The compact cable pulling system for underfloor installations and industrial buildings
Cablejet - The variable pulling device, with Polykat glass fiber
Pipe Eel - The duct rodder for underground installations, with Polykat glass fiber
Cable guide heads
Glit® - Cable grease / cable lubricant
Duct puller

Cable Grips:
Cable Grips for domestic installations
Cable Grips for underground cabling
Suspension and Hose Securing Grips
Cable Grips for optical fibre cables
Cable Grips for overhead cabling
Cable and Wire connector Grips
Support Grips
Hydraulic Hose securing grips
Line Swivel
Glit - Cable Lubricant / Grease

Cable Pulling and Support Winches:
Manual Puller
Support Winch HSWB
Electrical Capstan Winch - SWE
Hydraulical Pulling Winch

Drum handling devices:
Length counter and measuring devices
Drum lifter
Hydraulic Drum lifter
Drum axles and accessories
Aluminium Roller rails
Cabledrum uncoiler
Decoiler for one-way drums
Cable spooler
Cable drum storage racks

Cable- and Wire Guiding:
Ground Cable Rollers Aluminium, Steel and PVC
Cover lifter equipment
Manhole Cable guide bow, Edge roller
Cable guiding and run-off frame, collapsable
Cable laying equipment for cable trays
Glit - Cable Lubricant / Grease

Mini- Camera-Inspection-system
Pipe Inspection Camerasystem
Sewer Inspection Camerasystem

Point - and Route Locating devices:
Sonde System for Point - and Route Locating
Route Location devices

Cable winding devices:
Cable length measuring devices
Coil winding machines
Drum and Cable winding machines
Cable winding and unwinding automat
Cable Drum storage Rack

Cleaning Devices:
Chimney Cleaning Devices
Duct cleaner and brushes
Push rod

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