Point and Route locating systems
Units with a permanently fixed sonde can also be used for locating end points and routes.
Different diameters of fiberglass rod enable use at different pipe diameters and lengths up to 300m.

The Polykat® fiberglass rod contains one or more copper conductors that emit a locatable signal over the entire band length via the connection of a high frequency transmitter. A special sonde increases the signal peak and is compatible with many manufacturers like Radiodetection and Sewerin.
This signal can be picked up, dependent on the transmission and receiving equipment and local and structural circumstances, down to a depth of several meters.

The areas of application for which Katimex locating equipment are suitable include all areas of underground construction, for example fresh water and sewerage pipelines, cable laying or drainage and dump work. The locating systems are also a valuable tool nowadays in the domestic installations sector in order to determine the course of pipe work or to locate faults.

Product advantages on the view:
• No signal loss - frequent mistake with batterie driven transmitter
• Suitable for Point- and route locating
• 1-Person handling
• Compact steel frames with Polykat® fiberglass profile

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