Products for spot and route locating
In underground engineering frequently massive damage at cables and pipes arise, that brings high reconditioning charges with it. Consequences for companies are not occasionally financial undoing. Conditions attached to fretting / mineshaft approval have been increased in the last years.
When power supply companies grant a shaft approval to an underground engineering company, it has to make supplementary calculations if there are obscurities about the shaft curve and the shaft approval because of the increased duty of care.

The retrieve of non-conducting pipes is simplified essential or often at all enabled because of the application of Katimex location-positioning systems.
Finding non-conductive pipes is simplified significantly and frequently made feasible for the first time by the use of Katimex locating systems.
The basis of the units is the Polykat® fiberglass rod, which is characterized by extremely high thrust stability whilst simultaneously having small radius of curvature.
This fiberglass rod contains one or more copper conductors that emit a locatable signal over the entire band length via the connection of a high frequency transmitter.
This signal can be picked up, dependent on the transmission and receiving equipment and local and structural circumstances, down to a depth of several meters.

Units with a permanently fixed sonde can also be used for locating end points; for example where there is a pipe fault. Different diameters of fiberglass rod enable use at different pipe diameters and lengths up to 300m.
The areas of application for which Katimex® locating equipment are suitable include all areas of underground construction, for example fresh water and sewerage pipelines, cable laying or drainage and dump work. The locating systems are also a valuable tool nowadays in the domestic installations sector in order to determine the course of pipe work or to locate faults.

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