Repair instructions for all Polykat® Fibreglass rods

The Katimex® cable pulling systems are high quality systems and yield a convincingly high performance. The repair of the glass fibre rod is remarkably easy and can be carried out by every user.
The rod may be damaged if operating outside the load limits specified. In case of a rod breakage, the fiberglass rod can be repaired and need not be replaced.
The procedure is always the same, regardless of the type of rod involved. The ends of the rod must simply be stripped to a different length.

Repair Instructions:
1. Make a straight cut in the fibreglass rod approx. 10 cm in front of the point where the break has occurred using a metal saw. Notice: Fibreglass rods with diameters of 3 and 4.5 mm may also be cut through using a pair of side cutting pliers.

2. Remove the yellow plastic coating from the fibreglass rod as with an electrical cable at lengths specified in the table below. When doing this make sure not to cut or nick the fibreglass core, as this can lead to a premature break in the rod.

Ø 3,0 mm - 14 mmfor brass rod end / 8 mm for Rod End 2.0
Ø 4,5 mm - 20 mm
Ø 7,2 mm - 70 mm
Ø 9,0 mm - 72 mm
Ø 11,0 mm - 72 mm

3. Check whether the end can be slid on. After being slid on, the Polykat® fibreglass core must make a flush fit with the threaded side of the end. The tip of the endpiece must overlap the plastic coating. If the end cannot be slid on, trim the cut edge of the fibreglass core with fine abrasive paper.

4. Apply the adhesive thinly and uniformly over the fibreglass core and the surface coating so that the end is cemented along its entire length.

5. Slide the end over the fibreglass core and the coating as far as it will go while twisting gently.

6. Let the adhesive harden for at least six hours. If you want to continue working let the adhesive harden for at least ten minutes. Unreel the whole length of the rod and use the rod end on the other end of the rod.

Attention! When using the special adhesive, make sure to avoid any contact with skin and eyes.


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