Pipe Eel - Cable pulling system for telecommunications and power cable laying
The Pipe Eel (Röhrenaal® - often referred to as duct rodder) is constructed of weldless galvanized steel tube. He was introduced in 1974 as the world's first cable pulling device to be equipped with a high-quality Polykat® fiberglass rod. The stable combination of stability under shear and flexibility was a considerable improvement on traditional cable pulling aids. Work was made so much easier with the especially light weight that the Pipe Eel was very soon be found on telecommunications and power cabling construction sites. Today as then the device allows the pulling of light and medium-duty cables in one simple run. Aids such as cable grips or pulling eyes can be connected with both ends of the rod.
Cables and winching wires are pulled into ducts, conduits, cable protection piping or cable channels in the shortest time. Rods from two Pipe Eels can be joined together with the useful coupler. In this way cable and wire can be pulled over twice as far.
The advantages of using the Pipe Eel have grown continually with the innovative attention to detail. An integral brake prevents the Polykat fibreglass rod from reeling out of the basket under its own tension. The ergonomic shape makes the Pipe Eel particularly easy to handle. Thanks to its small design it can easily be transported by car.
The Polykat® glass fibre rod provides high push force stability and flexibility. In the event of a rod break, the rod can be repaired simply and quickly by the user with the supplied rod ends or splices, special adhesive and dowel pins.

Product advantages on the view:
• Up to 150m with 9mmm Polykat® inside a 750mm Cage
• Perfectly suited rod guide basket
• The lightweight system for telecommunication and power cable laying
• Delivery incl. Service Set
• Double safety due to glued and splinted rod ends
• Guide head and shackle included
• Stable, non-welded steel construction, galvanized
• Long life time, spare part and repair services guaranty

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