POLYKAT® - The unique fiberglass profile
The Polykat® glass fiber rod is the basic element of all Katimex cable pulling systems.
The excellent quality and versatility of Polykat® stem from its unique technological design. The combination of extreme flexibility and high shear strength makes the fibreglass rod like a flexible pole.
Its particular production technology and special construction make possible the combination of these two basically contrary features which are essential for this application.
The higher the fiberglass content of the rod, the higher is its stability under shear stress. Polykat® glassfiber rods therefore contain a particularly large proportion of high quality glass fiber, at 80 %. All fibers are embedded together in elastic polyester resin and cross wrapped to form a compact bound core. This forms a wavy, highly resinous outer layer, which takes up the surface tension produced when the rod is bent.
This makes a very small radius of curvature possible so that tight bends are easily passed through. The adhesion of the coating layer and the attached rod end is optimized by the waviness of the surface. The smooth plastic outer coating made of polypropylene slides easily and therefore reduces the friction resistance to a minimum. It is also highly heat resistant and resilient.
The high elasticity of Polykat® fibreglass rods makes it possible to construct unbeatably small, compact and handy products.

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