Mini-Max - The pulling system for Industrial buildings
The conduit snake Mini-Max was specially developed for installations in offices, department stores and industrial buildings. It is optimal for installation systems and conduits with nominal diameters of up to 2" (50mm). The Mini-Max has a minimized storage frame with an integrated brake and handle. An integrated brake controls the Polykat fiberglass rod payout.
The unique Polykat glass fibre rod is flexible yet durable for dependable service. Together with a flexible guide head, the rod slips past all cables in the channel and prevents the rod from snagging on any obstacles. Even heavily occupied under-floor systems are passed through easily by the olive-shaped guide head.
Rod ends with M5 threads at both ends make it possible to work in both directions. The repair is quick and easy and can be carried out by the user. The universal screw connection allows the use of the same accessories as for the Kati® Blitz. Guide heads and cable grips can be connected in variable configurations.

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