Kati® Blitz compact 2.0 - The original, only better!

Electricians esteem the reliability and durability of the Kati® Blitz for many years. It makes pulling cables into conduits a quick and easy job.

With the Kati® Blitz compact 2.0 Katimex® creates a milestone in cablepullingsystems. The Kati® Blitz compact 2.0 is the best tool for real professionals. It impresses not only with its modern design, but especially with its user friendly handling. Our project team developed the device in conjunction with electricians and tested it in the field extensively.

Advantages at one glance:

  • Ergonomic and practice-oriented design
  • Handy crank to wind in the rod for the 20 and 30 m version
  • The combination of Rod End 2.0 and Flexi-Sonde 2.0 enables a very tight bendig radius of only 30 mm
  • Hard-wearing rod guide
  • Handy service box with many accessories and captive lid
  • Reliable Katimex® quality


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