Kati® Blitz compact set - Pulling device for domestic installation

The Kati® Blitz was the first device of its kind in the world, with which it was possible to pull cables into conduits even under the most difficult of conditions. Nowadays known as the problem solver.
The Kati® Blitz gets through long stretches with lots of bends with ease, even in pipe systems where cables have already been laid, and it still functions where other pulling aids have fallen by the wayside.
The unique Polykat® fiberglass rod can be wound in and out quickly without knotting or loops forming.
The patentend housing provides a safe and easy storage of the fiberglass profile without rotating outside parts.
Threaded rod ends are attached at both ends of the rod, to which cable grips, pulling eyes or guide heads can be screwed on easily and quickly. The new Rod End 2.0 enables even more flexibility and allows a bending radius of just 30 mm.

The robust and solid housing is light and compact and makes handling extremely easy.
Since its introduction Kati® Blitz has proved its worth in daily use to hundred thousands of electricians around Europe. It has also found a permanent place in the vehicles of German Telekom's telecommunications engineers.


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