Kati® Twist - Rotate smoothly through tubes and conduits!

Katimex® cable pulling systems are made of the best technical components. And the range is completed now. Our new addition to the well-known and value proved Polykat® fiberglass profile is the new Kati® Twist series. For each conduit and any kind of cable laying Katimex® provides the right pulling system.

The specific outside contour of the Kati® Twist spiral rod enables outstanding bending and gliding characteristics. Kati® Twist shows a significantly enhanced overall push and pull performance comparing to traditional Nylon or steel rods.

The Kati® Twist has a sturdy, galvanized steel tube frame, that houses the steel winder for the twisted fiberglass profile. Like the Cablemax the Kati® Twist possesses a fine adjustable brake to prevent the Kati® Twist profile from uncontrolled reeling under its own tension.

Because of the M5 rod end all Cablemax or Kati® Blitz accessories can be used with the Kati® Twist as well. Both ends of the rod got a short rod end that enables quick and simple passing through tight bows.

The Kati® Twist rod impresses with excellent tensile strength. A tensile load up to 200 kg (rod / rod end) is possible. And like all Katimex® products, the Kati® Twist rod can be repaired by the user.


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