Cable Pulling Systems - Duct Rodder
The advantages of the Katimex fiberglass (fbr) pulling rods, Polykat are only gained in full when using the tailor-made functional accessories.
These accessories are optimally tuned to each other and turn Katimex cable pulling devices into complete cable pulling systems.
Numerous auxiliary devices lower the time needed for a job and reduce the daily amount of work.

Should a Katimex® pulling device be damaged, it can of course be repaired or the defective part be replaced.
Kati-Blitz: Essential for domestic installation
Laying power and aerial cables as well as telephone lines in conduits provides the installation engineer with a new challenge every day. With the compact Kati-Blitz, cables can be inserted quickly and simply, even in pipe systems with a lot of bends.

Cablemax: Ideal for industrial installation
Most traditional pulling aids fail when laying cables and lines in offices, department stores and industrial buildings. The Cablemax was specially developed for these conditions. It remains stable even in heavily occupied under floor channels.

Cablejet: The optimal solution for the construction of signaling systems
The compact Cablejet proves its worth every day in civil engineering, where it is used for underground and communications cabling, in power transmission and news network cabling, as well as in the construction of signaling systems and the installation of street lighting systems.

Pipe Eel - Röhrenaal: Professional underground cable laying
The Pipe Eel has become an indispensable aid for power supply companies, telecommunications firms and cable laying specialists. Light-duty power transmission and telecommunications cables as well as winching cables can be laid in lengths of up to 500 m at once.

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