Easy Grip - Faster for long Cable-Pulling Operations
Easy Grip is a manual advancing device, which facilitates labour-saving insertion of the fiberglass profile during long cable-pulling operations. The laying of power- and data cables over long distances or through winding empty ducts is no more a stressful and energy-sapping work for electricians.

The Easy Grip spares the own labour, because the fiberglass profile is gripped by an ingenious clamping technique in its guide and the rod is pushed simply by arm movement. There could not be an easier way of manual handling. Of course, the Easy Grip also functions in the reverse direction when you need to pull the cable through the empty duct with the fiberglass profile after insertions.

The manual advancing device consists of a high-tech and hard-wearing plastic. The practical pulling device has an ergonomic shape and will fit in any work-wear pocket. The Easy Grip enables up to 50 % time-saving at the cable laying. Katimex® achieves enormous labour savings with this innovative product for cable-layers.


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