Aluminum roller rails
As a specialist in cable laying, Katimex® offers the perfect solution for spooling out small and medium-sized cable drums with the high strength aluminum roller rails.
With its two piece design it can be adjusted to all drum width. This means a significant reduction in work load for the installation engineer. The cable drum is simply pushed on to the feed surface of both the roller rails and spooling out can begin.
For smaller drums the distance between the rollers can be adjusted by moving one roller. When working exclusively with small drums, the practical mini roller rails can be used.
Katimex® roller rails are constructed from precisely welded aluminum section. For the large version the rollers are made of aluminum alloy and run on dust and dirt proof ball bearings.

In the case of mini rollers, plastic rollers on sliding bearings are used.
With the separate construction and low weight, the roller rails are ideally suited for use on construction sites and in stores.

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