Ring spooler
NEW - The new ringprofi® is a 2-in-1 ring spooler for easy storage and safe handling of single wires without torsion. The patented housing allows horizontal and vertical storage and withdraw. The portable trolley can store up to 6 ringprofi® units.

With the cable spooler a complete handling of a cable ring is possible, from the first till its last meter. As to its compact shape it is excellent suited as a transport help. Therefore the separate uncomfortable and time-wasting transport of a spooler and a cable ring is past. Upright standing cables can be pulled into switch-boxes or in ceiling without twisting.
Especially installers, who work alone, like the ring spooler when laying house installation cables and wires.

When laying long cables, the supply cable must be controlled as it is spooled out, without the cable tangling or kinking and holding up work. The Katimex ring spooler are tailor-made for spooling out the most commonly used cables and wires and is easy to work with. Cables and wires do not need to be first unpacked and can be fed straight from the box or from the spool into the duct. Four adjustable stays locate the cable on the rotating feed plate. The integral brake prevents the spooler from rotating when not under tension and therefore prevents undesired unwinding. A counter enables direct measurement of the length of cable pulled. An integral brake controls the centrifugal mass, ensures uniform reeling out and prevents un-desired run-on of the spooler.

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