Drum shelves and storage systems
Since a short time ago Katimex® offers a complete product range for measuring, cutting, reeling and winding cable. The equipment is often used in trade, industry and energy supply companies.

A complete outfit includes drum shelves and coil storage systems, from where ring- and drum winding machinery easy and safe can be used.

Vertical cable coil storage provides a considerable saving in space compared to the traditional ground storage systems. Space utilization rations can be as high as 1 to 5 if the coils are arranged vertically up to heights of 5 metres, permitting on average 5 coils levels.

This system not only allows for a better use of space but has other advantages in the movement and withdrawal process as a whole such as:
- quick identification of the coils to be withdrawn;
- quick withdrawal of lenghts of cable in skeins or coils, directly from the stored coil.
The coils are in fact fitted on an axle with locking cone on supports which allow rotation of the coils and therefore high speed unwinding with our unwinders.
The racks are also provided with patented safety system (quick functional operation) to prevent the coil coming out of position and this allows the operator to work in complete safety however the coil is loaded (end to be unwound at the top or bottom).
All the structures are supplied with test certificates for capacities of 7000 kg per compartment in conditions of maximum stress, i.e. in work conditions using our winders with pulling capacity varying from 15 to 86 kgmt.

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