Support winch - HSW-B

The support winch is mainly used to pull ropes for heavier hydraulic cable winches.
Due to its great pulling force and high capacity of its rope drum also energy and telecommunication cable can be pulled.

Pulling force/speed:
With its 9PS Honda GX270 engine the HSW-B reaches a maximum pulling force of 7.5 kN with medium reel diameter.
The pulling speed lies between 25 and 70 m/min.

Rope drum:
The aluminium reel is easy to exchange and can be set free, so that winch ropes can be blown into empty conduits. Ropes can be blown in up to 1000 m, what decreases the set-up time drastically.
The capacity of the aluminium reel is:
1100 m (Ø 4 mm rope), 600 m (Ø 5 mm rope) and 500 m (Ø 6 mm rope)

The handy and compact design enables an easy use in the workspace and makes the HSW-B easy to transport, even in an estate car.

NEW: With the recording and cut off of the pulling force if necessary of the HSW-B 750 ZP telecommunication cable of the Telekom can be pulled without compunction. Reaching the predefined value the winch shuts down to prevent an overload of the cable.

A tested and powerful Honda 4-stroke gasoline engine runs the rope drum via a V-belt. An interposed oil-bath clutch grants a soft and jerk free pull running free and even under pressure. Pulling forces up to 7.5 kN can be reached.

Katimex offers HSW-B750 in 3 versions:

HSW-B 750 as standard version
HSW-B 750 Z with analogue display of the pulling force via dynamometer and cut off
HSW-B 750 ZP with pulling force recording showing length, pulling force and speed digitally, including providing a recording file

Due to security issues Katimex recommends to use a factor of 2, concerning the breaking load of the steel rope.

Key features:
• compact and robust design
• easily exchangeable rope drum with high capacity
• high pulling speed up to 70m/min
• enormous pulling force up to 7.5 kN
• height-adjustabel support feet
• V-belt tention with quick-release connector
• rope drum cover for high savety
• manual rope laying to protect the rope
• pulling force measuring with recording


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