Cable capstan and support winches

Modern cable laying machines support you with an economical, safe and easy cable installation. With the right combination of mobile and portable cable pulling machines even long distances and heavy cable pulls can be successfully completed. Maximum mobility is one of today's highest requirements and our range of machines allows you the flexibility to access different areas of installations.

Cable Capstan Winch

The light-weight and portable electric capstan winches KSW come equipped with two different capstans for different speeds or pulling forces - to meet all your requirements.

Industrial, Railway or Underground installations are often carried out in a cramped environment where these different speeds and pulling forces can reduce the work load.
Winches with an open capstan support endless cable pulls. Heavy duty and low stretch synthetic ropes are available on request. Even the larger cable pulling systems and winches are mobile enough to assist you on cable installation in pipes, concrete tails for underground, railway or roadway installations. A hydraulic pump ensures the maximum pulling force available independent of the pulling speed. Using a capstan ensures a high, constant and accurate adjustable pulling speed and force.

Cable Support Winch - HSW-B750

The HSW-B support winch is best suited to pull heavy steel ropes from hydraulic winches or telecommunications and light energy cables over long distances.
The combination of high mobility, compact design, high pulling force and a high capacity of the drum, enables many application areas.
The HSW-B represents the well-known Katimex quality and safety standards. The support winch enables economical and efficient working in cable trays, protective tube and open ditches.

The Katimex® cable pulling winches are state of the art and offer highest quality. They meet all standards and regulations of the cable industry and electricity suppliers and are built by observing the EG machine guidelines.
The new capstan winches are ideally suited for civil engineering as well as train- and signal line installation.

Hydraulic cable winch – KZW-H

The new Katimex cable winch is hydraulic and have double spill to create a great strength for your cable pull.
Data such as pulling force, pulling speed and pulled rope length are shown permanently on the display. The visceral control happens via the clear control panel. The data can also be recorded via USB for you and your costumer. The software is included and enables to create and read the recoding including a pulling force diagram.


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