Sewer camera
The big Kati® KIS 125 with the strong Ø 9 mm Polykat® glassfibre profile with integrated copper wires provides the maximum shear strength up to length 60 meters. Applicable in pipes from 70 up to 500 mm Ø max. the camera head can be pushed easily, suitable with DN 125 up to 87°.

The Ø 50 mm camera head of Kati® KIS 125 is very ruggedly but extreme light-sensitive and therefore interesting for installers, plumbers, foundation contractor and municipal utilities. The camera head is well secured in a stainless steel capsule and can make brilliant pictures in the rough environment of pipes. With the wide-angle lens of 97° and 36 LED´s and SMD´s the camera head shows significantly more space.
With the upright picture and the digital length counter with display in LCD monitor you can find the defects or pipe leakages exactly. An integrated brake prevents the glassfibre profile will running from the reel by its self-equilibrating. With the ergonomic design of Kati® KIS 125 the handling is particularly easy.

KATIMEX® components possess a high degree of compatibility, which allows each user to compile an optimal system and expand later.

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