Pipe camera
With its Ø 7.4 mm Polykat® glassfibre profile with integrated copper wires and a length of 60 meters, the Kati® KIS 70 provides a wide range of application. KIS 70 is suitable with DN 70 up to 87°.
The Ø 40 mm camera head is already fitted with 20 LEDīs and SMDīs. The marresistant sapphire glass is waterproof up to 5 bar max. This pipe camera has a compact and easy to transport construction and offers flexible applications. Therefore KIS 70 is particularly interesting for industry and municipal utilities.
Accessories like roller slay or centering sleeves provide the option to simplify the pipe and sewer inspection. They protect and centering the camera head inside the pipe and offers an easy transit.

The Kati® KIS 90 is – as its identically twin – building like the KIS 70. The KIS 90 provides an upright picture with automatically horizontal compensation. In the camera head 36 ultra bright LEDīs and SMDīs are mounted, in short and long-range of the pipe they are shining nearly bright as day.

The pipe camera is applicable in pipes from 70 mm up to 500 mm Ø max and suitable with DN 90 up to 100°. With the KIS 90 KATIMEX® has built a very flexible pipe inspection technology, which are up to high standard. These two camera systems are interesting for installers for a quick and easily inspection of the house service area but also for municipal utilities or foundation contractor in power line construction and revision.

KATIMEX® components possess a high degree of compatibility, which allows each user to compile an optimal system and expand later.


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