Mini camera
The mini camera Kati® KIS 50 is the light and compact inspection system for the house service area. Therefore KIS 50 is the ideal system for caretakers, plumbers, sewer cleaners and industry.
With its Ø 4.5 mm Polykat® glassfibre profile with integrated copper wires the inspection camera is applicable in pipes from 30 mm up to 150 mm Ø max., suitable with DN 50 up to 80°. By the integrated control and supply wires into the glassfibre rod the handling is substantially simplified. An integrated 6 pole slip ring transmitter at the capstan will send the video signal. The slim camera head with 15 ultra bright LEDīs ensures an optimum visibility in the near and far range. The Kati® KIS 50 is for inspections into sewage systems, heat and ventilation lines, chimneys, cavities and wells. By a quick and easily inspection for damages, obstructions or quality check, a competent and cost-effective decision can be made.

KATIMEX® components possess a high degree of compatibility, which allows each user to compile an optimal system and expand later.

All product advantages at a glance:
• working without trailing cable
• applicable in small pipes from Ø 30 mm
• supplied in a compact frame
• camera head waterproof up to 4 bar
• connections for recording devices

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