KIS – clearly more flexible
The camera inspection system Kati® KIS offer the best technical specification for the inspection of pipes and hollow spaces:

high quality glassfibre profile from KATIMEX® with integrated copper wires
• stable reel with integrated 6 pole slip ring transmitter
powerful light and high-resolution camera system

The new pipe cameras are used in damaged pipe and sewer systems, for quality tests and inspection of cavities.
Particularly in the house service area the camera system shows its advantages. You can push the head of the camera easily up to 60 meters with the shear-stable Polykat® fiberglass profile. At the same time, the rod is flexible to bend around tube curves with small diameters.

The camera head is well secured in a stainless steel capsule. The extreme light-sensitive camera head with fish-eye lens and ultra bright LED-lighting has a great benefit in the rough environment of pipes.
The video signal transmits through the fiberglass profile Polykat® with one or more copper wires in lengths from 40 to 60 meters. So it is possible for the KIS-devices to be flexible to bend around tube bends and also achieves the high shear stability of a rigid rod. The risk of breaking off and cracking is more reduced with the Polykat® fiberglass profile.
An integrated slip ring transmitter at the capstan will send the video signal.
A high-resolution Sony CCD chip with automatically white balance receives the video signal. The display on the LCD-monitor 5.6" is pin sharp and don’t align to pixel grid while pushing the camera.
With the KIS-series KATIMEX® has built a very flexible pipe inspection technology, which are up to high standard. These new camera systems are interesting for plumbers for a quick and easily inspection of the sewer systems, but also for municipal utilities or foundation contractor in power line construction and revision.

All camera inspection systems are equipped with:
• LCD-monitor 5,6“ in an aluminum box incl. light protection shield
• high-resolution Sony CCD 1/4“ chip, 480 TV-lines, resolution 752 x 582 pixels with automatically white balance
• electrical power supply with 230 V 50 Hz or 12 V car-battery Ø galvanized steel capstan with integrated brake and a 6-pole slip ring transmitter

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