Manhole cable guide bow
Cables are laid in conduit networks particularly in urban areas. When the cable is fed from the cable drum into the underground conduit system, it has to pass over edges. This inevitably causes damage to the cable coating if appropriate auxiliary devices are not used. Winching tensions are hard to regulate and there is a considerable risk for installation engineers.

Katimex® manhole cable guide bows and pulley sets are designed for precisely this application: they feed the cable from the drum into the conduit without friction and without kinks. Cable coating and winching wire are preserved and the required winching power reduced. Besides the special manhole cable guide bows Katimex also offers a wide range of auxiliary devices for guiding the cable over the edge into the conduit.

The tried and tested Pipe eel and Cablejet pulling systems also make cable laying in conduits significantly easier.
Manhole cable guide bows, pulleys and tensioning bars are all constructed from robust steel. Tehy are all completely galvanized and have long working lives even under tough conditions. The rollers are made of abrasion-resistant aluminium alloy and run on maintenance free dirt and dust proof ball bearings.
Tensioning bars are avilable in various lengths for the different manhole sizes. The guide bow can therefore be moved to various positions on the manhole.

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