Ground cable roller
Power and communication cables are often laid in open trenches. Roads and ground conditions almost always have to be taken into account, which often results in cable routes with lots of curves. In conjunction with its own weight and the high tensions involved, extreme stresses can occur when the cable cannot be fed cleanly.
For this reason the use of suitable devices for proper cable guiding is normally stipulated. For this area of application Katimex offers the suitable ground cable rollers.
The ground cable rollers and corner cable rollers from Katimex have particularly abrasion resistant aluminum alloy rollers. They run maintenance-free on dirt and dust-proof bearings. The robust steel frames are completely galvanized and guarantee a long working life even under extreme conditions.

Corner cable rollers: guide the cable surely round each curve and cable friction is minimized. Even heavy duty cables run lightly off the rollers. The required winching power is considerably reduced and winching wires are no longer abraded as much.

Ground cable rollers: Thanks to the compact construction there is sufficient free space beneath the rollers for cable already laid. The ground cable rollers are extremely stable with their low center of gravity. Thanks to the pronounced groove in the rollers the lateral stability during cable guiding is much greater than for steel rollers with lesser grooving.

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